What’s going on for you in 2017, the Year of the Yin Fire Bird?

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  Rat – On a personal level, Rats and Roosters are somewhat indifferent towards each other. But Rooster’s year is actually a positive influence on the intelligent, curious (but somewhat secretive) Rat as you work harder at accumulating the wealth and pleasure you feel you deserve. Fortunately, you will feel loved and cherished. Throw out all your ratty old clothes and shop for a new wardrobe to put your best foot forward.

chinese_ox  OxOx is greatly relieved to welcome the Rooster after the chaos of the Monkey year. One of Rooster’s best friends and allies, the deliberate persona and hardworking demeanor of Ox mesh perfectly with Rooster’s agenda to shape up the ship. Ox can expect long hours doing satisfying work with challenges and rewards as well as a loving vibration at home.


chinese_tiger  TigerEarly 2017 sees Tiger recovering from the twists and turns of the previous Monkey year, which definitely threw him for a loop! Rooster is somewhat of an improvement, but Tiger’s extreme willfulness in the face of authority requires that battles and friends be chosen wisely and some things be kept secret. If you have to travel westward, make like Khaleesi in “Game of Thrones” and carry a small Dragon to attract the Rooster away from you. 

chinese_rabbit  RabbitAs Rabbit’s opposite, Rooster brings challenges and irritations. Martial, metallic Rooster energy strikes critically at Rabbit’s resources and delicate, artistic sensibilities. Metal Rabbits may have a slightly easier time of it but most bunnies find Rooster’s crowing, preening and parading a bit ludicrous to say the least. Hopping around here and there, you will need plenty of sleep to counterbalance all the pressure at work. Vitamins, greens, you know the drill. A dragon pendant will help you deflect unwanted criticism.

chinese_ratDragon – Dragon and Rooster have a deep understanding of each other. The good fortune and prosperity that opened up under Monkey’s influence in 2016 continues with new friendships and business connections supporting Dragon’s relentless drive to occupy the spotlight and hold the reins of power. If you’re single, this is a great time to find your soul mate as the “Flower of Romance” is growing right there in your own garden!

chinese_snake  Snake – Snake and Rooster make good partners. If Snake can get with Rooster’s program, rewards, promotions, raises and other forms of recognition are a sure bet. Buckle down and follow Rooster’s marching orders! It’s not easy overcoming your lethargic nature, though, not to mention coping with Rooster’s pickiness. Try to stay motivated and take care of your health first and foremost.

chinese_horseHorse – Horse experiences a certain amount of safety knowing that Rooster is in charge even though his pace feels slow to such a magnificent muscular creature as Horse. Problems, though minimal, still annoy – particularly increased responsibilities at work that interfere with the romantic interests that are always front and center for Horse. Always make time for love, no matter what Rooster demands.

chinese_sheepSheep – Sheep and Rooster are both farm animals but have almost nothing to do with each other. When they do connect, Rooster’s demanding agenda does not sit well with Sheep’s artistic, lackadaisical (and sometimes lazy) temperament. Sheep will do well this year by sitting on the sidelines, making sure they have good accountants and managers and generally waiting to make big moves until 2018, the more personally favorable Dog year ahead.

MonkeySad for Monkeys, a relief for the rest of us…there will be no more monkey business for the next 12 years! Monkey finds it difficult to accept Rooster’s agenda as he attempts to undo all the revolutionary chaos Monkey has unleashed. Although amused, Monkey is happiest keeping a low profile, cultivating a conservative attitude and taking care of his health. Take long walks, watch your diet, and lose some weight if necessary to be at your optimum charming self.

chinese_roosterRooster – Rooster, in all his glory, rises like the Phoenix from the ashes of ruin (that’s how he sees the mess that Monkey made of things), transformed. He takes his job of creating order very seriously. Full of a sense of duty, Roosters need to stay conscious and not act habitually. If you resist change, you will be scratching and pecking for every grub and worm like a lowly chicken. Seek ways to grow and transform. Be like the Fire Bird and cultivate some perspective.

chinese_dogDog Whether a Shih Tzu or a garden-variety mutt, Dog’s hippie philosophy clashes with Rooster’s desire for control, money and putting up a good front. Dog’s moral values can be deeply offended by the militaristic way that Rooster approaches things. Dog does best to further his education, go underground with his politics, and prepare for a major turnaround next year.


chinese_pig  Pig – Rooster’s energy is good motivation for the Pig who finds that he has had enough of wallowing in the mud. Finally the time is right to reap the benefits of all that hard work and enjoy a measure of happiness. But there’s no sleep for the weary. Get your passport ready and keep a bag packed and ready to go. Relationships are a different story. Pig’s biggest challenge is to stay detached from particular outcomes and accept what is.