Juan Li

Juan Li in NYC
October 27-29, 2017

Juan Li, dedicated spiritual practitioner & teacher, artist extraordinaire (he did the original beautiful posters for Mantak Chia in the ’80’s – see interview below), spiritual pilgrim, and all-around great guy is coming to NYC to share his vast inner knowledge with us.

Juan Li has been teaching Daoist energy practices for the last 27 years.  He has created a sequence of practices based on the I Ching, adapted to the emotional and mental challenges we encounter in this fast-changing world. The inner teachings of the I Ching are not only for working with energy and short-term advantage. In their essence, they are for guiding us through the path of fulfilling the ultimate purpose for coming to the world. At its core, the I Ching is a manual on how to master the power of the intention.

Juan’s practice is inspirational, taking the traditional Daoist concern with the mastery of energy into the evolution of consciousness. A fabulous teacher and a great storyteller, one of his students remarked after spending time studying I Ching with him, “Juan Li could read the phone book and I would listen!”

Juan is originally from Cuba and currently lives in the Canary Islands.
Don’t miss this rare opportunity to study with him!
Prerequisites for all 3 days: Familiarity with the Inner Smile, the circulation of the Microcosmic Orbit, and a strong desire to go beyond our present limits

The Alchemical Studio
104 W. 14th St. near 6th Avenue
New York, New York

Friday evening, October 27;  7 – 10 PM

“Working on What Has Been Spoiled- Healing the Wound of Rejection”
Every single family structure in the world has a percentage of people who have rejected life. We have in every family numerous ancestors who committed suicide, aborted babies, perceived life as useless, become addicted to something to not feel the pain of living or became self-destructive to end life as soon as possible.

Rejection of life can begin in the womb the instant that either of our parents doesn’t want to enlarge the family. Even if afterwards we are welcomed to the world and surrounded with plenty of love, the initial rejection remains the most powerful imprint conditioning our mental structure.

Rejection of life weakens the entire structure of the individual mind. Since everything has a previous cause, rejection in this life is an indicator that there is a high percentage of rejection of life in our family structure. As the I Ching suggests in Hexagram 18 (“Working on What Has Been Spoiled”, instead of blaming anyone, we charge our motivation to heal the wound of rejection, so that nobody in our family has to go through that experience ever again.

In the structure of the individual mind, the perineum point is connected with our becoming established in the physical dimension, having everything needed to survive and most important, flowing with the changes that life brings. The perineum point by being linked to our connection with the earth, is also a regulator of everything having to do with the breath and continuity of life. Respiratory problems are often a sign of difficulties connecting with the earth.

Healing the relation with the earth on behalf of everyone, is the first empowering decision we make once we enter the path of growth. Our ability to flow with changes depends on it. Our ability to develop our full potential and have everything needed to fulfill the purpose of this life depends on it. We come to the dimension of change to develop our full potential and the most basic step is being in a positive relation with the earth.

In this evening event, we learn:

  • The steps to heal the personal and family relation with the earth
  • How to clear the limiting factors affecting the different points in the mental structure
  • How to strengthen the personality by making strong decisions
  • How to develop the right conditions for the mind of abundance to unfold

Saturday & Sunday, October 28-29; 10 am – 5:30 pm
“Regeneration of the Bone Marrow and Healing the Family”

Our skeleton is the most solid part of our physical body. Like all solids, our bones have a crystalline structure that absorbs and transmits energy from heaven and earth. In their functioning, the bones are equivalent to the central channel of the individual consciousness; as such, they are an indispensable element for developing our highest potential.

The bone marrow, as a solid, is part of the earth energy. Our conscious decision to be here in the dimension of change, is essential for the health of the bones. Any rejection to being here on earth which has taken place, even for an instant, affects the heath of the bones and our level of vitality.

In this workshop we investigate in depth the root causes which deteriorate the bones and the family history which is linked with those causes. The loss of bone mass is not an isolated cause, but a symptom of decisions which have taken place all along the family history. Each individual born within a family structure, has the power to heal the root causes affecting the health of the whole family.

Our level of vitality and spark of life depends in a great measure upon the health of our bone marrow and the manner in which we relate with the energy of the earth and the family.

In this workshop we learn:

  • To clear the factors of rejecting life causing bone mass deterioration
  • To heal the family relation with the earth
  • Techniques for regenerating the bone marrow
  • The mantras which bring the vibrations of solidity to bone marrow and the bones
  • The nutrition which contributes to maintain healthy bones
  • The techniques of bone marrow regeneration we learn in this workshop have saved the lives of numerous modern practitioners in different parts of the world

Friday evening October 27 – $75

Saturday, October 28 – $190

Saturday/Sunday – October 28-29; $350

Entire Weekend- Friday-Sunday, October 27-29 – $400

CANCELLATION POLICY – Prior to October 1, refunds for the weekend workshop will incur a cancellation fee of $100. After that, refunds will be made only if a replacement can be found.

Questions? Contact me at taosharon@earthlink.net or by phone, 212-243-6771. 

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