Juan Li Retreats

Retreat with Juan Li
Angels Rest Retreat Center
August 13-19, 2018

Juan Li, dedicated spiritual practitioner & teacher, artist extraordinaire (he did the original beautiful posters for Mantak Chia in the ’80’s – see interview below), spiritual pilgrim, and all-around great guy will share his vast inner knowledge with us in a rare retreat setting.

Juan Li has been teaching Daoist energy practices for the last 27 years.  He has created a sequence of practices based on the I Ching, adapted to the emotional and mental challenges we encounter in this fast-changing world. The inner teachings of the I Ching are not only for working with energy and short-term advantage. In their essence, they are for guiding us through the path of fulfilling the ultimate purpose for coming to the world. At its core, the I Ching is a manual on how to master the power of the intention.

Juan’s practice is inspirational, taking the traditional Daoist concern with the mastery of energy into the evolution of consciousness. A fabulous teacher and a great storyteller, one of his students remarked after spending time studying I Ching with him, “Juan Li could read the phone book and I would listen!”

Juan is originally from Cuba and currently lives in the Canary Islands.
Don’t miss this rare opportunity to study with him in a retreat setting!

Angels Rest Retreat Center near Greenfield, Massachusetts

Limited to 25!  
Register Early to Secure Your Space! $150 discount for registration by 6/1/18!

Monday, August 13 – Thursday, August 16

The retreat will begin at 3 PM on 8/13 and end after lunch on 8/16.

At present the death experience is considered the end of everything. The modern assumption is that we are the physical body and the physical dimension is the only one there is. The materialistic view of life doesn’t take into account the subtle dimension of mind, where thoughts, feelings, dreams, and emotions take place. By contrast all the great spiritual traditions worldwide have been structured with continuity of consciousness at the core of their teachings and preparations for death and transcendence at the heart of their training. The physical dimension is one of forgetting; we forget why we are here, we forget life has a purpose, we forget who we are, we forget our dreams, we even forget where we put the keys we had in our hands two minutes ago. The most important day in our lives is the day of crossing over into the subtle dimensions. Death is the initiation into remembering who we are. Prerequisite: Microcosmic Orbit

Thursday, August 16 – Sunday, August 19

The retreat will begin at 3 PM on 8/16 and end after lunch on 8/19.

Memory loss is becoming one of the most important health issues in our times. Memory loss is not only a brain issue, behind the brain functions is the mind, which is the sum total of habits, tendencies, beliefs and decisions made throughout the history of the entire family. Every family in the world, has numerous ancestors who made the decision to forget unpleasant or traumatic experiences or to reject actions which did not correspond with the idea of who they were. Everything we experience takes place, first of all in the mind. The decisions of forgetting something unpleasant or not wanting to know, can become the triggering factors for memory loss later in life.

In Daoist medicine, the short-term memory is associated with the kidneys and long-term memory is associated with the heart. Memory loss usually begins with the short-term memory and in time extends to the memory of the heart. A program for memory maintenance has to begin with the kidneys and the emotional factors affecting them.

Death & Transcendence – August 13-16, 2018
Tuition/Shared Accommodations/Meals – $800; $950 after 6/1  

Memory Improvement – August 16-19, 2018
Tuition/Shared Accommodations/Meals – $800; $950 after 6/1

Both Retreats, August 13-19, 2018
Tuition/Shared Accommodations/Meals –$1475; $1625 after 6/1          

If there is space, single rooms may become available after 6/15 for an additional $75.

Contact taosharon@earthlink.net or 212-243-6771.

CANCELLATION POLICY – Prior to July 5, refunds for any retreat will incur a cancellation fee of $150. After that, refunds will be made only if a replacement can be found.

Questions? Contact me at taosharon@earthlink.net or by phone, 212-243-6771. 

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