Taoist Meditation

Tao means “the way of  nature”.

Taoist Meditation is all about aligning with the maps of energy used in different systems of oriental medicine as well as merging with the universe in various ways. If we depend only on our own energy for our vitality, our life is limited.  On the other hand, if we can open up to the infinite sources of universal energy available to us from nature (sunlight, air, trees, flowers, starlight, moonlight, etc.), our capacity for healing exponentially increases.   In our meditations, we align ourselves with the natural flow of energy not just in our physical bodies, but expanding beyond to other energetic sources as well. Once pathways are open and are kept clear through daily practice, more refined and higher frequency energies (purified emotional energy, compassion,  energy from nature, etc.) become available and can be used for healing.

Transformation occurs as congested, murky, stagnant qi (or chi,”life force energy”) is exchanged and replaced with cleaner, more pure energy from the universe. This is what is known as Taoist Internal Alchemy.  This powerful process provides highly effective & immediate stress relief, relaxes the mind, activates healing, and refreshes the source of creativity that lies within all of us.

320372_3891500639565_1994181267_n                                                           Sunrise, Machu Picchu,              ©Sharon Smith 2006