What’s going on for you in 2018, the Year of the Yang Earth Dog?

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Rat – Ethical Earth Dog assumes the role of teaching shrewd, instinctive Rat about scruples. Try not to be offended. Remember that Dog will always sniff out the truth of any situation so mind your P’s and Q’s! Adjusting to added duties, and fulfilling your obligations will definitely improve things at work as well as at home. Put some of that extra cash away for a rainy day.


chinese_oxOx – Problems seem to spring up like mushrooms after spring rains. Use your usual diligence to solve them. And then let those problems go! It’s not necessary to keep tabs on everything all the time. Spend time engaging in some serious stress management and pay more attention to your diet and digestive system. Remember, Dog has your best interests at heart, protecting you with or without your consent.

chinese_tigerTiger – An excellent year for Tiger as you find a place of honor in Dog’s world. Build your success, progress, and prosperity on compromise as you manifest a major career opportunity. Connect with influential people. Investments pay off and a worthy cause earns your devotion. Good karma all around. Don’t forget to take some time off to relax and enjoy the Dog’s life.


chinese_rabbitRabbitAfter the upsetting Fire Rooster of 2017, the world seems to be more friendly with the Earth Dog in charge. More money, more love. What’s to complain about? One of Rabbit’s best friends and protectors, Dog encourages you to use your natural diplomacy skills to face conflicts before they spin out of control. Curb your obsessive tendencies and take advantage of this calm in the storm to enjoy the best things in life. Things are looking up.

chinese_ratDragon – Downright unimpressed by Dragon’s extraordinary abilities, splendor and dazzle, the Earth Dog refuses to even acknowledge your imagination and creativity. Even though your star surely shines brighter, ego satisfaction is not in the cards. Travel if you must, but not in the northwest direction. Retreat from confrontation and ask for help when allies become necessary. Deflect difficulties by carrying a Rabbit pendant.

chinese_snakeSnake – As a Fire creature, this year’s Earth emphasis can be demanding. Are you up for it? Take excellent care of your Earth element organs (spleen, stomach, and pancreas) and give your consuming ambition a rest this year. Just like a mountaineer, put one foot in front of the other as you scale what seem to be insurmountable obstacles. Success will become apparent as those baby steps begin to add up.

chinese_horseHorse – Dog and Horse are great friends and there will be cause for celebration, professionally and personally. This can be a great partnership with tremendous mutual benefit. Concentrate on working hard during the first half of 2018 so that you can reap the rewards in the last 6 months of the year. And by all means, stay away from conflicts and legal situations and avoid “mad” dogs like the plague!

chinese_sheepSheep –One of Dog’s major tasks is keeping Sheep in line. Especially slacker sheep, black sheep, and those who don’t want to join the herd. If this sounds like you, the sooner you realize it’s the Earth Dog year, the better off you’ll be. Follow Dog’s leadership to be successful since opportunities will not come solely from your own initiative. If you get in trouble, ask a Horse to mediate. By the way, Immigration is not an option.

Monkey – Feeling hemmed in? Don’t panic. Try to calm down and come up with a long-term strategy instead of blowing around like so many gusts of wind. Build up trust with your friends and associates and become more cooperative under Earth Dog’s influence. And if you are trying to set up anything collaborative, bring a Rooster into the mix. Unfortunately, risky Monkey business will have to wait for a more supportive environment.

chinese_roosterRooster – It’s necessary to dig a little deeper to find your gold, but success can be yours if you are willing to go for less bravado, more modesty, integrity and hard work in the Earth Dog’s Year. With spotlights no longer shining on you, buckle down and accept the fact that even though you might still be king of the roost, your ambitions go way beyond your barnyard. Ask a Monkey, Tiger or Rabbit for help.

chinese_dogDog It’s a Dog’s life – full of friends available to help you when you’re in need and all of the love and affection you crave there for the taking. Forego petty quarrels and spats. There’s nothing worse than an annoying dogfight to ruin your day. Money comes and goes so It’s advantageous to save some when times are flush. When it comes to business, try to be more discriminating . Your wagging tail might be creating a blind spot.

chinese_pigPig – Generally a good year, 2018 is not the time to arrogantly go it alone. Humbly accept the assistance offered from loyal Dog supporters and things will improve. After all, aren’t all of the problems confronting you related to your own past errors in judgment, neglect or miscalculations? Exercise caution if you are asked to be a peacemaker. Stay yin in personal relationships. Your presence and loving support are really all that is necessary.