Event Series A Day of Iron Shirt Qigong

An Afternoon of Iron Shirt Qigong

Christopher Street pier Christopher St. & the Hudson River, New York, NY, United States

Difficult for you to attend a weeknight class?   Come spend an afternoon cultivating your chi with Iron Shirt Qigong!  Life force training with dynamic standing postures incorporates powerful breathing […]

Event Series Daytime Tai Chi Class

Daytime Tai Chi Class

Gus Solomons Studio 889 Broadway - #4A; near 19th Street, New York, NY, United States

Tai Chi is the perfect practice for these difficult times. Gentle, slow movements cultivate flexibility, balance, and mental concentration as well as a feeling of general well‑being among practitioners. Commonplace in […]

Event Series Working with the I Ching

Working with the I Ching

ONLINE You will receive a link once you have registered., United States

Access the wisdom of the I Ching at this important gateway in the cosmic year. Decode the energetics of change as you synchronize with the qualities of this particular time.. […]